The Mental Health Space: Places in the USA that actually exist that might help your mental well being.

The “mental health space” is abstract. It alludes to a pocket of individuals or organizations that loosely associate with anything mental health. But does this format always have to be a space, in its most literal meaning? When Undiagnosed talks space, we mean space in the context of memory, experience and lasting importance. Bringing together people over a common passion with a wearable truth. Unfortunately, if you really think about it, there are very few mental health spaces. Where do people go in the middle of an emotional breaking point? A restaurant, crying into your pasta doesn’t seem appropriate (but don’t worry if this is your scene we have all been there.. Sneezing into our napkin as the waitress asks our order)? A clothing boutique? The movie theaters? A coffeeshop? Where is there space in society for your mind? A space that fuels, fosters, and befriends your mind, mostly an open space for complete expression. Many spaces exist merely as a vehicle for transactions or to fill our capitalistic tendency of providing customer service. Momentary interactions that do not withstand lasting importance, a means to an end. These spaces also have an underlying social protocol. Movie theatres: don’t scream, a clothing boutique: don’t eat or drink, a restaurant: don’t cry, a coffeeshop: don’t play music out loud. These constrains build blocks of behavior that cage our mind in. Investigating location we come to the conclusion that a large majority of spaces serve surface level needs. Where are the havens that go beyond this give-and-take model and become a physical and memorable experience. Just as Undiagnosed makes mental illness tangible through clothing, we have discovered spaces that do the same by making the invisible epidemic visible through an embracement of expression.


LA & San Francisco

While ice cream can barely be qualified in a food group, but the melty goodness goes beyond its nutrient-filled peers with respects to invoking a feeling. That feeling is happiness, one lick and a smile. This concept, the simple, delicious happiness of enjoying an ice cream is embodied in the spectacular Museum of Ice Cream. It is much more than sugar and sprinkles. The unconventional museum comes with a mission that is centered around the belief that anything is possible. The Museum of Ice Cream is founded to unite and inspire the world through imagination. At MOIC, you can expect an experience that goes beyond just ice cream, but trust me there is a lot of AMAZING ICE CREAM (literally cherries on top of all the cakes.)! Museum guides engage guests in an energetic way as they bring them through the MOIC experience.

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Sip of hope


The Sip of Hope Coffee Shop puts cause behind coffee in a whole new way. The coffee shop is born out of a Hope For The Day x Dark Matter Coffee collaboration. The shop is directly tied to suicide prevention efforts. With 100% of the proceeds from the coffee shop going back to suicide prevention organizations, they are doing much more then talking the talk of mental health. The shops mission is driven by recognizing “it’s okay to not be okay!”! They have various menu offerings including soothing teas and comforting coffees, all to align with their cause. You can also go up to any working barista in the coffeeshop and ask senstivite question around suicide as they are all trained and certified in suicide prevention. Sip of Hope’s mission and business model advocates for any emotion and an opening of the conversation around mental illness, with the bonus of delicious coffee.

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New York City

INSCAPE is bringing meditation to a whole new level. The INSCAPE team has created unique spaces that continue the themes of peace and wellness with studio spaces like “The Dome” and “The Alcove”. These spaces cultivate wellness through intentional design that incorporates an illuminative aesthetic. At INSCAPE they meet you where you are when it comes to meditation. The studio has various offerings of meditation for all the practitioners who come to INSCAPE. Some include confidence building, deep relaxation, and heightening awareness. Experiences range from 35-45 minutes and even includes CBD!

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Pop-Up Locations

The Depressed Cakeshop is baking to break the stigma around mental illness! The cake shop pop-ups around the world selling baked goods to get people talking about mental illness. Their product is truly representative, they incorporate gray, “to signify the gray cloud that can descend over a beautiful world when someone is struggling with mental health issues”. Some of their delicious past treats include “hello my name is ____” cookies, shades of gray layered cakes, and cloudy themed cupcakes! The depressed cakeshop model cultivates an openness for all individuals by empowering and encouraging home bakers to host events in their own towns to keep the conversation around mental health going. Each pop-up event hosted directly donates back to the local mental health organization.

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305 Fitness

NYC, Boston, LA, CHI, DC

305 is combining expression and exercise in one fun dance party! This fitness brand is doing much more than just physical work for your body. In an industry that is all about calories and rep counts, 305 breaks that mold and focuses on making exercise about empowerment. 305 creates a community space for you to shake it but also seriously feel supported by uplifting and inclusive individuals. The hype music and fun moves allow customers to let loose while getting in a workout. You don’t need to be a dancer, at 305 they say it’s not a dance class its a dance PARTY, so we can all partake!

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New York City

Chill house is the ultimate place to chill amidst the NYC chaos! In the concrete jungle, they stand out as a place for self-care instead of self-sabotage for the sake of corporate success. In their space, they have many different ways you can “chill out”. With a cafe, nail, and body program they have multiple ways to ensure you leave relaxed and refreshed. The space is created to put people at ease, whether it be a superfood latte or an intensive massage, you will leave chill house truly chill. Beyond the physical space Chill House creates they have a sister blog, the “chill times” that unpacks the message they have of wellness through meditative relaxation even further. So if you are feeling stressed, check this chill spot out!

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Now you have your bucket list for mental well-being, where will be your first stop?

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