Black ink. White tee. Many faces. 


This is the design that makes a statement on the “We are all the Same” Undiagnosed graphic tee. The sea of faces show character, Big Beard Bert. Top Hat Tom. Shady Susan. All show personality. They come with quirks, colors, and curiosities. On the surface different. Beards, braids, boys, girls. In the brain, we say they can all feel the fucking same. It does not matter what gender, race, age, or sexuality, Undiagnosed recognizes that feelings are untethered from any limiting stereotyped category. WE ARE ALL THE SAME because we can feel anger, sadness, joy, jealousy, love, hate, pain, pleasure, fear, confidence, and a whole world of emotions. This design is meant to provoke a feeling of connectivity amongst individuals because of these shared emotions.

The “We are all the Same” design, is a Jane Crager creation. Jane is co-founder and designer at Undiagnosed. Each design takes on a different development process, from idea to execution each shirt has its own path it undergoes. For the “We are all the Same” design, each character is drawn by hand, each detail deliberately added to the depth of the shirt. Jane Crager describes, “This shirt was one of my favorites to design because of I could create personalities with each character and it did not have to be so traditional or understandable”. Other major factors that add to the creative signature of the “We are all the Same” graphic tee is color, size, and shape. Jane purposefully plays with the shape of the heads, some round or square…and the size, some big or small. The unifying factor amongst all this sea of faces is the color. Sleek black ink to paint the canvas of a simple white tee. This design decision by Jane Crager was made to focus more on the visual representation of the design elements rather then the bold colors of our brand. The approach Undiagnosed takes to product development focuses on  creative empowerment with each product in our line. 


The “We are all the Same” graphic tee is the Undiagnosed best seller. Why? Customers gravitate towards this design because the resonance it creates. It peaks the curiosity of our customers and opens a conversation with each sale. Designer Jane Crager likes to ask our customer the question, “what face best captures your mood today?”. The answers we get vary. Some say Braids Bridget or Mustache Mike, it truly changes day to day. She says, “the shirt captures all the weird ways I feel in a given day”. So what face are you today? 

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